The Gratitudo app is now available Google Play and the App Store! Catch our pre-show by opening the app a few minutes before your nightly cheer.

Cheering on Our Heroes

If you've been inspired by someone's act of kindness, give them a shout-out at Gratitudo. Our mission is to shine a spotlight on the very best in human nature. Often we don't see the downstream good that can come from our simple acts of kindness. Gratitudo exists solely as a hub to share the stories of how someone else's generosity of spirit has impacted our lives. A place to recognize ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

In order to help enhance and support the nightly cheer of appreciation, Gatitudo has built a 100% free (and advertisement free) app. Download it for your Android or iOS device and enjoy the nightly cheer in your community.

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Special Announcement

We are counting down the days to our final celebrations. Thank you everyone for amplifying the evening cheer with Gratitudo and sharing the message worldwide. While our gratitude never ends, we are going to sunset this application. But don't worry, we plan on ending this chapter of our mission with a bang! What to expect...

All Our Heroes 
A special tribute video will be posted on all our social platforms featuring the Heroes of the Day as nominated by you since the start of the crisis.

Pre-show for Saturday's cheer will be a professionally produced and narrated retrospective on the crisis to date. From the early news reports in January through the full lock-day in April & May to the gradual reopening in June, it is sometimes hard to believe that our world has gone through so much in only 6 months. The Retrospective will take us through our shared journey and remind us not only of some of the darkest days we've gone through together, but the brightest moments of hope, generosity and compassion.  

July 1st - O Canada
Final Gratitudo cheer in Canada. Song of the night will be our national anthem with a very special Hero of the Day right after. 

July 4th - Star Spangled Banner
Final Gratitudo cheer. Song of the night will be the United States anthem with a very special final Hero of the Day .

How Does Gratitudo Work?

The Gratitudo app and website will countdown each day to the nightly cheer, based on your local time. The app will notify you when the cheer is about to start, and cheer along with you to amplify the celebration in your community. After the cheer, the app will close by highlighting a hero of the day, as nominated by you, and selected from the front-line responders working hard to fight this pandemic.

Every Thursday and Saturday, we will also be hosting a special night. Before the cheering starts, a special 2 minute pre-show will be broadcasted on our app and online, celebrating the front-line heroes from your community. The cheer will then lead into the song of the night, as voted by our users throughout the week in the app. You can sing along in karaoke fashion as the words appear in the app. Voting will be available in the app all week except for cheering times.

 Tragedy can bring out the best of us if we let it. Thank you for sharing your appreciation for those who are working so hard to keep us all safe.

The Nightly Cheer

2 Minute Pre-Show

A tribute highlighting work done by our front-line heroes.

Evening Cheer

Cheering amplified by others in your community.

Song of the Day

Karaoke style song as voted on by the community. Sing along or just enjoy.

Daily Hero

A profile of the daily hero selected from submissions by you.

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Media Focus

We feel very happy and honored to be featured on Global News! Thank you Michael Newman, for showing people how Gratitudo can be used to amplify and enhance the nightly cheers! We couldn't have explained it any better ourselves!

Thank you Keri Adams and Jason Pires for the coverage on CTV Morning Live Vancouver! Thank you for downloading the app, and enjoy the celebration Thursdays and Saturdays. We also hope Keri's song gets chosen!

A big thank you to Sheryl Sandberg for believing in our cause and helping us support the nightly cheer! To the entire team at Lean In, keep up the amazing work that you do and let's continue to show our appreciation and cheer on our heroes together!

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Gratitudo is free to use and will remain 100% ad free.

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